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Our mission is to prepare our students for leadership roles and provide them with the opportunity to be successful in our  rapidly changing global environment. We believe that all students should become responsible citizens, productive employees, resourceful employers and effective community members.

Galaxy International School is committed to:

  • Providing a balanced programme focusing on the development of the whole students.
  • Preparing the students to develop their leadership potential towards meeting the ever-changing needs of the world.
  • Equipping the students with the knowledge to face challenges in a cross-cultural environment.

The School is dedicated to

  • Providing students with quality education through the use of state of the art teaching and learning facilities.
  • Developing in every student higher order thinking skills that include thinking critically, creatively, ethically, and independently.
  • Providing a well-rounded programme of activities, directed towards the development of their skills, talents and self-confidence.

The vision of Galaxy International School is to provide a learning environment and experience that emphasizes global understanding, community involvement, individual responsibility, and high academic standard through the study of science- oriented programs and cutting edge teaching methods. It is our intention to address the importance of the individual as an active member of a community that extends beyond the classroom into a more diverse society.

Therefore, students graduating from Galaxy International School will exude an awareness and understanding of the global interdependence of economic, environmental and social systems. Students will demonstrate proficiency in all academic areas as well as the attitude of tolerance and respect for cultural and individual diversity.

Besides, they will develop the capacity to be life-long learners and make appropriate life and career choices through their active involvement in a wide variety of a cultural and educational experiences provided by the school and community.

Galaxy Educational Company Limited established Galaxy International School in September 2001 to provide an excellent and quality day and boarding education to children of Ghanaian and Foreign nationals within and outside Ghana.

The school is basically science-oriented with state of the art teaching and learning facilities. It is co-educational with excellent Day and Boarding Facilities.

Currently, 450 students from over 47 countries attend the school. The school is basically science-oriented with state of the art teaching and learning facilities.

Mustafa KayaMustafa Kaya
The Principal

It is a great honor for me to address you on behalf of GALAXY INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, a private school focused on preparing children for the changing conditions of today’s, and tomorrow’s worlds.

If we want our children to take part in the competition of the 21st century, and take the lead, they should have such qualities as self confidence, critical thinking for problem solving, math and science skills at an internationally competitive level, and knowledge of at least two foreign languages. As parents, our utmost responsibility is to provide the best available educational environment where the leaders of the future will develop the skills of the future. GALAXY INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL was founded on this concept.

Simply offering a competitive curriculum is not enough, however. It’s only with well-developed interpersonal and social skills and a sense of ethics that our children will truly be equipped for the challenges they will face as the leaders of the future. With that goal in mind, GALAXY is designed to provide a unique environment where each student is known by the staff and class sizes are small enough for individual attention to be paid not only to academic development, but also to character development.

I believe in a child centered approach to education where the teacher challenges the children in a safe and respectful manner to develop (together and individually) their own solutions to given problems, thus encouraging co-operation, the development of life skills, their power of analysis and their capacity to organise themselves.

I believe individualizing is most successful when staff and families build strong partnerships and communicate frequently about a child.  By combining the information gained from the two perspectives, families and staff can use the curriculum to plan and implement an individualized education.

Our aim is to discover the hidden talents of students and -if any- overcome the deficiencies. GALAXY INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL creates new horizons in harmony with the demands and talents of the students.

Welcome to GALAXY INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL. I firmly believe it is one of the best investments you can make in your child’s future.

The modern trend of education embraces professionalism and socio- cultural values which as well characterize the expectations of individuals, households, nations and the world at large.

This therefore requires commitment and dedication, on the part of parents and guardians to bringing up children who can be a force to reckon with for our future priorities which embody successes and achievements.

It is in no doubt a concept, that quality basic education propels any child to become a scholar or a respectable integrated member of the society. And I believe it is the duty of every nation, stakeholder, individual and educationist to ensure a higher level of formal education and of course, the informal education which associates guidance and counseling with our future leaders – the children.

GALAXY SCHOOLS worldwide have incorporated quality and upgraded educational reforms to meet the current challenges in education from the basic level up to the tertiary level. It is therefore my piece recommendation to government authorities, non – governmental agencies. Stakeholders, parents and guardians to secure a brighter future for our children through GALAXY SCHOOLS.


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